Corporate Concept

We believe that corporate culture is not built in one day; it is gradually shaped in the operation and management activities since the inception of the corporation, and is always developing and changing. The corporate culture is closely associated with the corporate situation, corporate system, staff caliber and structure, leadership’s style, business characteristics, organizational structure and behavioral style, and gradually formed as a result of the combined action of these factors, the natural development for years and conscious improvement.

In some sense, the corporate culture is an atmosphere and a pattern of behavior and conduct. We understand such atmosphere and pattern are more related to the style of the major leaders of an enterprise.

The corporation advocates and continuously develops the corporate culture with responsibility, fairness, pragmatism and prudence as core values, stresses the organic combination between enterprise development and staff career, realizes the concurrent realization of enterprise development and staff values, and contributes to the development of a harmonious society while building a harmonious enterprise.




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